The Medical Alley Innovation Summit Minneapolis 2017 – Sept. 18-19 — Agenda

September 18th - 19th, 2017 Marriott Hotel City Center — Minneapolis, MN

Day 1 - Monday, September 18, 2017

TimesAgenda Item
1:00-1:30pmRegistration - Ballroom Foyer
1:30-1:35pmWelcome Address - Ballroom

• Shaye Mandle, President & CEO, Medical Alley Association
• David Cassak, Editor-in-Chief, The MedTech Strategist
Managing Partner, Innovation In Medtech LLC
• Stephen Levin, Editor-in-Chief, The MedTech Strategist
Managing Partner, Innovation In Medtech LLC
1:35-2:05pmKeynote Address: "Fostering a Culture of Medical Device Innovation"

William Cohn, M.D., VP, Medical Devices and Director, Center for Device Innovation at the Texas Medical Center, Johnson & Johnson
2:05-2:10pmSponsor Moderator: Medmarc
2:10-2:20pmMardil Medical
2:20-2:30pmCorvida Medical
2:30-2:40pmArena Therapeutics
2:40-2:50pmPeytant Solutions
2:50-3:00pmPatrona Medical
3:00-3:20pmNetworking Break
Speaker Breakout Session - Deer Lake
3:20-4:20pmCorporate Panel: "Investment Today from the Board Room: A Look at Corporate Financing in the Medical Device Space"

- Edward Andrle, Vice President Strategy & Business Development, LivaNova
- Jeff Mirviss, Senior Vice President and President, Peripheral Interventions, Boston Scientific
- Susan Morano, Vice President of New Business Development, Johnson & Johnson
- Dan Wolf, Sr. Director, Strategy & Business Development Restorative Therapies Group, Medtronic

Moderator: Stephen Levin, Co-Editor-In-Chief, The MedTech Strategist
4:20-4:25pmSponsor Moderator: PMI (Presenting companies in this session will have breakout tables at Reception)
4:25-4:35pmMicrosurgical Innovations
4:45-4:55pmImpleo Medical
4:55-5:05pmENDRA Life Sciences
5:05-5:50pmSpotlight Session: "War Stories from the Frontline: CEO/Entrepreneur Perspective"

- Todd Berg, President & CEO, Torax Medical, Inc.
- Greg Cash, President & CEO, Argent International
- Kathleen Skarvan, President and CEO, Electromed, Inc.
- Dennis Wahr, President & CEO, Nuvaira

Moderator: Stephen Levin, Co-Editor-In-Chief, The MedTech Strategist
5:50-6:00pmSponsor Session: “The Reimbursement Top Ten”
Key Elements to Ensure Coverage and Payment for a New Technology

So where does one begin due diligence to determine the current reimbursement landscape of their product? This presentation will focus on the key drivers of reimbursement and the critical elements to incorporate into a well-designed reimbursement strategy.

Kelli Hallas, Executive Vice President, Emerson Consultants
6:00-7:30pmNetworking Reception & Speaker Breakout Session followed by Workshop Session hosted by Fox Rothschild:

Special Considerations for Strategic Investments
Learn the pros and cons of structuring a strategic investment and guidance regarding governance, control, protection of intellectual property and additional rights often associated with strategic investments.

- Patrice Kloss, Partner, Fox Rothschild
- Thomas Letscher, Partner Medical Technology, Fox Rothschild

(Note: Program updates posted regularly; subject to change.)

Day 2 - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TimesAgenda Item
7:30-8:00amRegistration & Continental Breakfast – Ballroom Foyer
8:05-8:35amPayor/Provider Panel: "Building Medtech Partnerships in Value-Based Era"

- Robert Stevens, President & CEO, Ridgeview Medical Center
- John Uribe, VP of Corporate Development, BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota

Moderator: Shaye Mandle, President & CEO, Medical Alley Association
8:35-8:40amSponsor Moderator: Fox Rothschild
9:00-9:10amPristine Surgical
9:10-9:20amNascent Surgical
9:40-10:00amNetworking Break
Speaker Breakout Session - Deer Lake
10:00-10:10amSponsor Session: “Harnessing the Power of Your Data to Improve Clinical Outcomes”

Philippe Kassab, President genae Americas
Sponsor Moderator: genae
10:10-10:20amWoven Orthopedic Technologies
10:20-10:30am4C Medical
11:10-11:30amNetworking Break
Speaker Breakout Session - Deer Lake
11:30am-12:15pmVC Panel: "Opportunism vs. Commitment in Venture Capital Medtech Funding"

• Louis Cannon, Founder, Senior Managing Director, BioStar Ventures
• Thomas Shehab, Managing Director, Arboretum Ventures
• Kathleen Tune, Partner, Cross River Healthcare Partners

Moderator: David Cassak, Co-Editor-In-Chief, The MedTech Strategist
12:15-1:25pmLunch - Ballroom 3
1:25-1:30pmSponsor Moderator: IMMR
1:40-1:50pmEP Technologies
1:50-2:00pmZift Medical
2:00-2:10pmICHOR Vascular
2:10-2:20pmStandard Bariatrics
2:30-2:50pmNetworking Break
Speaker Breakout Session - Deer Lake
2:50-2:55pmSponsor Moderator: Medtech Affiliates Europe (Speaker Breakout during Reception)
2:55-3:05pmListen AS
3:15-3:25pmAugustine Temperature Management
3:25-3:30pmSponsor Moderator: MCRA (Speaker Breakout During Reception)
3:40-3:50pmHealth Tech Solutions
3:50-4:00pmTivic Health Systems
4:10-5:30pmSpeaker Breakout followed by Craft Beer Tasting Closing Reception

(Note: Program updates posted regularly; subject to change.)