The MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit San Francisco – November 2017 — Agenda

November 28th - 29th, 2017 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport — Burlingame, CA

Start-Up Presenters (40+ Will Present in Total)

Is your early-stage medtech company looking to meet high-quality investors or strategic partners? Our Innovation Summit San Francisco 2017 stage is your ideal chance to impress. Timeslots will sell out quickly – apply today!



3R Cardio (Three River Cardiovascular; Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – Our proprietary TAVR SmartGuidewire™ equips cardiologists with real-time valve performance data that assists in optimal valve placement, streamlines the procedure and improves patient outcomes and healthcare savings. SmartGuidewire™ medical devices integrate precision pressure measurements into a disposable guidewire for TAVR.

4C Medical Technologies (Brooklyn Park, MN) is focused on minimally invasive therapies for structural heart disease, specifically mitral valve regurgitation.

Auctus Surgical (San Francisco, CA) was formed to develop novel orthopedic implants focusing on non-fusion scoliosis correction and limb lengthening. The products incorporate a dynamic magnetic technology permitting nonsurgical adjustment of the implants over time.

Avalun’s (Grenoble, France) LabPad® is an innovative medical device designed to meet the markets’ increasing need for multi-measurement capabilities using POC testing.

Bone Index Ltd. (Helsinki, Finland) is a medical device start-up company with the game changer point-of-care technology (Bindex®) in osteoporosis management.

CALCIVIS (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) has developed the world’s first biotechnology-based dental imaging system that is set to revolutionize the preventive dental market. Its technology utilizes a unique, proprietary bioluminescence approach combined with a specialized imaging device. The system enables live visualization of active tooth demineralization, which better equips dentists to develop and monetize preventive treatment plans. CALCIVIS is on pace to launch in the UK in Q4 2017 (CE mark in place) and the US in Q1 2019 with the pivotal FDA clinical study successfully completed and the PMA to be filed in Q4 2017.

Cardiac Insight (Kirkland, WA) has received FDA clearance and just begun marketing a low cost 7-day disposable ECG sensor, Cardea SOLO, into the US cardiac market. This is a game changing technology that allows for immediate diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and other cardiac anomalies using our outpatient, reimbursed device.

Carmell Therapeutics (Pittsburgh, PA) has created a unique and highly innovative patented technology based on biologically-active materials manufactured from human blood plasma. Our proprietary process binds and cross-links lyophilized plasma into solid and semi-solid plasma-based materials. These Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBMs) contain highly concentrated natural regenerative factors that promote healing in various clinical settings, reduce infections, and, as a result, lower healthcare costs.

Catheter Precision, Inc. (Ledgewood, NJ) is dedicated to meeting the needs of patients, hospitals and physicians in the field of cardiac electrophysiology. Our innovative product line includes forward thinking mapping and robotic systems that save time and money while preserving safety of the patient and physician.

Consensus Orthopedics (El Dorado Hills, CA) – The TracPatch wearable device is a remote monitoring system which tracks a user’s daily activities. The device has been designed as a passive and continuous data collection system with advanced learning algorithms and haptic feedback technology. TracPatch is a cross industry device designed for multiple applications. For the first-time, healthcare providers can send patients home and maintain the critical connection needed for an efficient, cost effective recovery process, improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Eliaz Therapeutics (Santa Rosa, CA) is developing a novel, patented and selective medical device for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which is highly prevalent and progressive with significant morbidity and mortality, and currently no treatment to reverse the course of the disease is in the market. ET’s non-invasive treatment selectively removes Galectin-3 which is strongly associated with progression of CKD, and has been recognised as a contributing factor in a wide range of chronic diseases.

EndoShape’s (Boulder, CO) mission is to commercialize novel medical devices based on its proprietary polymer technology. EndoShape is focused on the coil embolization & occlusion market. EndoShape ​is marketing the Medusa® MultiCoil which is FDA 510(k)-cleared for sale in the United States.

Evoke Medical (Thornton, CO) is creating the next generation of biomechanically activated smart spinal implants in order to improve fusion outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Gauss Surgical (Los Altos, CA) has developed Triton, a cloud-connected, FDA-cleared, iPad application that accurately monitors surgical blood loss, helping to avoid delayed recognition of hemorrhage or unnecessary blood transfusion. Triton analyzes images of surgical sponges and suction canisters and assesses their Hemoglobin content using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, while integrating seamlessly into the workflow of the operating room.

Gel-e Inc. (College Park, MD) is developing a novel line of hemostatic products. With an initial focus on external wounds, gel-e combines the use of safe, inert ingredients with proprietary chemistry that has been designed for use across a broad spectrum of clinical applications, including vascular closure and during surgery.

Glucorec’s (Mountain View, CA) patented Non-Invasive Glucose Sensing technology, the personal portable device, GluFit™, is validated in preclinical human trials.

Harmonic Medical (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is developing the next generation of completely non-invasive surgery through the use of focused ultrasound.

Healionics (Seattle, WA) has applied its synthetic biomaterial expertise to develop a novel vascular graft that, unlike existing grafts, remains open to blood flow long-term without need for costly interventions. Our first indication will be to provide a more reliable means of vascular access for dialysis patients.

Hemovent GmbH (Aachen, Germany) is an emerging medical device company that has developed disruptive technology: the world’s smallest and first self-contained fully portable Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) system that supports or replaces heart and lung function in the event of cardiac and respiratory failure.

MAG Optics (Chicago, IL) is an early-stage ophthalmic device company developing patent-pending devices relating to human vision, specifically corneal inlays. Our technology is addressing one of the largest unmet needs in ophthalmology – presbyopia (loss of near focus) and broader refractive errors.

Metamason Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) has developed a platform that unites Computer Vision, Digital Engineering, Algorithmic Design and Additive Manufacturing to create products that perfectly fit each individual for whom they are intended. The company’s flagship product is Miia™ 3D printed mask that is used for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  Metamason’s Scan Fit Print platform™ utilizes a simple tablet that is configured with a 3D scanner. The platform employs proprietary landmark detection software and dynamic design algorithms to create a custom digital file of a patient’s facial image, the file is then transferred to our 3D print manufacturer who generates the customized mask.

MiNDERA is a SF Bay area VC-backed medtech company developing non-invasive, high precision genomic tools for skin diseases (oncology, inflammatory diseases).

Newronika srl (Milan, Italy) – Developing an implantable programmable medical device for bio-recording and deep brain stimulation (DBS) in a closed-loop, overcoming the current limitations of DBS due to the delivery of stimulation with constant parameters. Adaptive DBS (aDBS) implements a closed-loop deep brain stimulation (DBS) that adapts the stimulation in real time to follow the patient’s clinical condition by measuring the bioelectrical neuronal activity in the brain areas where the DBS electrodes are implanted. Newronika’s long term vision is to develop an expertise in building brain computers by developing new algorithms based on the recorded biosignals.

PhotoniCare (Champaign, IL) is developing an imaging platform to empower better decisions at the front lines of medicine, where treatment decisions make the largest impact on health outcomes.

Physcient’s (Durham, NC) new Differential Dissection technology enables faster, easier, and safer surgeries. Our instruments are hand-held, single-use, and in clinic now, yielding outstanding results and first sales.

Prenosis (Champaign, IL) delivers true precision medicine for acute care facilities by utilizing a powerful predictive analytics system that predicts the risk of infection related adverse events for individual patients in real time. The system combines real time data inputs from Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) with fundamentally relevant blood biomarker data measured either in a clinical lab or using a handheld point of care device. The first product, planned for early 2019 release, is a platform agnostic software system for use in Emergency Departments, in-patient populations, and ICUs. The second product, a combined handheld device with accompanying analytics, will be released by early 2021.

Promaxo (Rockville, MD) is a medical device company developing and commercializing an office-based and cost effective MRI with cellular level spatial resolution, real time biopsy and treatment tools, and automated software for tissue characterization. The Company’s current focus is on addressing the needs of the prostate cancer market.

ProVerum Medical (Dublin, Ireland) has developed a novel, minimally invasive treatment for patients with symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is an enlargement of the prostate gland, causing difficulty with urination and affects the majority of men 50+ years old. With the ProVerum Urethral Expander, patients will be able to resolve their symptoms with a one-time minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in their doctor’s office.

Sana Health (Mill Valley, CA) provides sleep on demand to solve anxiety-related insomnia, with a biofeedback-driven neuromodulation wearable that increases neuro-plasticity for a wide range of applications starting with sleep.

SentiAR (St. Louis, MO) has developed the first 3D augmented reality visualization platform for intraprocedural clinical application in minimally invasive procedures. By creating a real-time hologram of the heart “floating” over the patient through a HoloLens, the initial application targets a faster, more precise ablation procedure treating cardiac arrhythmia. All in the control of the clinician.

Smart Medical Devices (Las Vegas, NV) – SMARTdrillTM technology allows the surgeon to drill with three-dimensional awareness.  Instantaneous continuous outputs of bone density, drilling depth, drilling energy and potential construct strength prevents plunging, misdirection, thermal injury and enables the surgeon to pick the correct implant the first time, every time.

Spatial Surgical (Shrewsbury, MA) is eliminating the archaic hand tools used in orthopedic surgery with a novel all-tissue laser system that dramatically enhances surgical speed, precision, and patient outcomes.

Spectrum Dynamics (Morges, Switzerland) is a global innovation leader in nuclear medicine capital equipment (SPECT + CT) and software applications linking diagnostics with therapy for interventional cardiology and electro-physiology. Innovation driving improved image quality, higher speeds and lower radiation doses resulting in better diagnostic accuracy and therapy outcomes.

Sprout Medical (San Francisco, CA) has developed the proprietary and patented Rapid Assist Device™ (RAD) (size of remote control) for the treatment of patients requiring rapid infusion of blood and/or saline in trauma, emergency and other life threatening situations. The cost-effective RAD dramatically decreases the time required for fluid infusion while freeing clinical staff from the frustration and distraction of operating and monitoring manual pressure bags. The RAD is lightweight, portable, microprocessor controlled, and easy to use. RAD is a major improvement to the current pressure bag modality and an economical and efficient alternative to expensive automated systems at a fraction of the complexity, set up time, cost and overall demands.

StimGuard (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) is premiering the world’s first and only fully programmable, microsize office based wireless platform for control of incontinence, the CAN-Stim Tibial Nerve Stimuator the StimGuard Sacral Nerve Stimulator.

Stroma Medical Corporation (Laguna Beach, CA) is a medical device company has designed, developed and patented a proprietary laser based system that provides a non-surgically invasive treatment to change eye color in a procedure that takes roughly 30 seconds per eye to perform.  The system features an eye mapping, eye tracking and a laser, driven by software to provide an adaptable, and predictable option for patients who wish to change the eye color.

Texalign (Madrid, Spain) proposes a new concept of wearable physiotherapy based on sensorized undergarments capable of millimeter-accuracy 3D imaging of the torso for ambulatory monitoring and feedback in serious back conditions, such as chronic back pain and progressive spinal deformities.

Theradep Technologies (Palo Alto, CA) addresses the profound medical need for an entirely new method of local, targeted, non-systemic delivery of a broad range of pure, active biologic materials or drugs.

Tiger Lifescience (Mountain View, CA) provides disruptive solutions to prevent catheter related blood stream infection (CRBSI) and side effects associated with insulin subcutaneous injection through global proprietary technologies.

Urotronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) was founded in December 2014 to research, develop and commercialize a proprietary drug coated balloon that will transform the urinary tract stricture and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) market through better patient outcomes and in-office ease of use uniquely positioned for today’s healthcare environment.